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At DREAM Sports Summer Learning Camp, we believe that a summer camp should be fun and exciting but more importantly, filled with the proper balance of learning adventures, enriching experiences and growth opportunities.   



8:30am   -   9:15am     Leadership Workshop Session

9:30am   - 10:45am     Morning Sport Session (Instructional)

11:00am - 11:45am     Class (Math)

11:50am - 12:30pm     Lunch

12:45pm -   2:00pm     Class (STEM Based Subject Matter)

2:15pm   -   4:00pm     Afternoon Sport Session (Organized play)

4:00pm   -   4:15pm     Wrap-up (in sport specific groups) - Evaluation & Self-Reflection 


Guided by a fundamental belief  that a holistic approach to child development is necessary, the mission of DREAM Sports Camp is, “To Develop Responsible, Educated, Athletic Minds” for future leadership and life success.”  

  • To encourage academic achievement by providing enriching and expansive learning opportunities

  • To inspire individual growth and development

  • To increase levels of self-esteem, self-confidence and interpersonal relationship skills

  • To promote the ideals of athletic sportsmanship

  • To provide a holistic approach to youth development


By leveraging the power of three organizations committed to student development, with a host of partners that champion our cause, we offer unparalleled learning and athletic opportunities to Connecticut youth at a fraction of the program's market value.  


Dream Drivers Foundation

Dream Drivers Foundation’s mission is “to service youth, strengthen families and uplift communities.” The Foundation advances new frontiers of innovation to solve challenges related to youth leadership, youth education, community development, family engagement and health and wellness to create opportunities for people to thrive in sustained fashion. As an empowerment-driven philanthropy focused on building collaborative relationships with our partners and grantees, Dream Drivers Foundation seeks to influence large-scale change that impacts the welfare of humanity by identifying, accelerating and facilitating breakthrough ideas, conversations and solutions.

A community of volunteers, donors and supporters advance Dream Drivers Foundation's vision to offer continuous access and exposure to life changing programs, events and opportunities that inspire and empower the ability of all persons  to create real, sustainable desired change and maximize potential for greatness.  We believe that every person has the ability to be a game changer and leave a lasting legacy of value on the world. 

We're invested in the promise of our youth.  The proper development of our next generation of leaders is essential to the world's future.  We believe that strengthening families (from an individual member perspective as well as a collective whole) improves community culture.  Strong communities provide the climate for healthy living, providing critical support structures and the backdrop that fosters thriving citizenship. This belief guides us and motivates our efforts toward creating the change that we want to see in the world.


The McMikle Group


The McMikle Group is a leadership training and development consulting firm.  Three simple, yet powerful words define our mission and direct our passion to equip our clients for success: Educate, Inspire and Empower!  We are a team of professionals with industry experience and functional expertise that deliver custom solutions to address client needs.  We help individuals, businesses and organizations unleash their unlimited power and potential to thrive in sustained fashion. 


Powered by the passionate belief that every child can achieve greatness and driven by the opportunity to cultivate the next generation of leaders, The McMikle Group is dedicated to developing the leadership capacity in youth of all ethnic, social and economic demographics. Leadership development is a vital component in the overall youth development process. It’s a sound investment in the promise of our children. We provide opportunities for growth that sharpen awareness, increase self-esteem and self-confidence, and equip youth with functional life skills that empower success. We offer programs, workshops, conferences, keynote speeches and books that inspire children to become change agents in the world. The McMikle Group features The DREAM NOW Program, our staple youth program that develops the social, emotional, physical, and intellectual competencies critical to future leadership proficiency.

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