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Camp Teamwork
Tate and Maddox
Rope Drill
Leadership is the difference maker and can be the deal breaker when absent. It’s how we grow organizations and essential in how we impact lives. However, leadership cannot be an idea we simply talk about.  Instead, leadership is the action we must live out.  It is never too early to learn the tenets of leadership.  In fact, introducing leadership principles to children at an early age is a necessity. 
The DREAM Sports Summer Learning Camp features a combined Connecticut Association of Schools programming curriculum with that of the Dream Now Youth Leadership Program, a community partner program of President Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper Initiative.
Leadership Workshop Sessions 
Each week is structured to incorporate a daily morning leadership development workshop session.  The six-week camp will feature 30 different leadership sessions facilitated by our staff and special guest presenters. Student groups will be combined or broken out appropriately as age and maturity level dictates for the respective workshop topics. A partial list of leadership topics and/or activities that will be included in the summer camp’s leadership curriculum are:
          Athletic Role Responsibility (Impact & Influence)
          Book/Reading Challenge
          Brand Management in a Digital Age
          Character Development
          “College Knowledge”
          Communication Skills
          Community Service Projects
          Computational Literacy/Coding
          Conflict Resolution
          Critical Thinking
          Decision Making Process (Critical Thinking)
Guest Speakers, Facilitators and Athletes
DREAM Sports Camp will feature a minimum of one featured guest speaker or facilitator weekly for an unforgettable morning and leadership experience for student participants. 
Diversity & Inclusion
Financial Literacy
Goal Tracking
Global UN Workshop
Government & Politics
Public Speaking
Social/Emotional Wellness
Social Responsibility
​“Who Am I?”
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